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In Darkness, There Can Be Light Screen Printed Poster

Based on the Motion Picture Pan’s Labyrinth By Guillermo Del Toro

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I placed captain Vidal, grasping his handgun, atop gears imprinted with his military rank. This represents how order/time and his perceived militaristic duty to die in battle like his father was fully consuming him. I embodied the spirit of Mercedes and the rebels by showing Mercedes signaling to rebels while surrounded by nature, which reflects their combined want and passion for freedom and the old way in pre-fascist Spain. I placed the toad right beneath her feet showing how close the cancerous effect of Vidal’s group is at all times. The pale man grasps out from his frame in bottom left, directly below Vidal. This is meant to show how the pale man is a reflection of Vidal, being that they are both violent enforcers of harsh and unjust rules.

Last but not least I chose to represent the Faun and Ofelia’s close relationship through a pose that communicates how the faun acts as an agent of fate, whose trials spring forth from a book, leading Ofelia to what is not only her fate but also her rebirth as the princess of the underworld.


6 Color (Including Gold Metallic Ink) 18×24 Limited Edition Screen Printed Poster

Edition of 50