“Time is a Flat Circle”

When Gallery 1988 asked me to make a piece for their “Idiot Box” TV centric art show I instantly new I wanted to tackle true detective. I’ve been an avid fan of the first season since it’s release and always thought of creating something inspired by it’s industrialized swamps.

Time is a Flat circle Detail

I chose to illustrate a skull wrapped in the antler head dress that Errol Childress regularly anointed his victims with. Throughout the creation of the print, I hid many different scenes and references to the show, this reflects the subtlety of the show its self, which encourages viewers to watch closely. The print is meant to reflect the personal prisons that the cult created in peoples minds through their sadistic acts.

Time is a Flat Circle-skull

I decided to name this piece “Time is a Flat Circle” to reference the theory that Reggie LeDoux originally imparted onto Rust, as it reflects the cyclical nature of memory, regrets, and time.


This print is a 4 color 11×17 print with an edition of 50. It is available now through Gallery 1988.

true detective_comp

Check out my process below.